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CB and/or Freeband Groups and Clubs

Here is a helpful list of all the 11 meter groups and clubs we have found on-line. If you have a favorite that you do not see here, Pass it along!

These two groups, besides being the largest groups today, also have numerous websites from aroundthe world. Click on either of the to bring up a page of just their sites! All other groups I have links for are listed below!

9 America Sideband Club

14 Alfa Tango 266 Sarino

Alfa Golf DX Group

Alfa Charlie Group

Alfa Charly International DX Group

Alpha Delta DX Group

American Eagle SSB Club

AMF DX Group

ARC DX Group

Bozo's CB Radio Page

Bendigo Sideband Radio Club

Bravo Romeo Charlie

Bravo Romeo Charlie (Brazil)

CB Klub Koroska

Charlie Bravo International DX

Charlie Michael DX Group(Nova Scotia,Canada)


Le Groupe Charlie Michael DX Division du Québec au Canada

Charly Alpha Bravo DX Group

Club CB Costa Verde

Club G Marconi (in Italian)


Delta Kilo International 11 Meter Radio Group

The Delta Charlie DX Group

Delta Radio DX Group

Dream Team DX Group

Delta-Xray Radio Club

Directory of "Active" clubs

Eagle Lads

Echo Tango International (France)

187 East side outlaw (New Jersey)

Echo Tango International (USA)

Eco World DX Group (in English)

Eco World DX Group (in Polish)

European Citizen's Band Federartion

European Radio Club Echo Uniform

Federation Catalonia CB

Florida Alfa Tango (France)

Foxtrot Bravo Charlie

Foxtrot Foxtrot International

Friends United

Friendship USA On-line

10-5562-1SP333 Fulvio

Golf Delta Mike DX Group

Golf India Radio

Henery Foxtrot DX Group

India Fox

India Foxtrot DX Group (in German)

International Communications Friends

International Misfits Homepage

International Radio DX Group

International Radio DX Group (Germany)

Kilo Golf International

Kilo Papa International (Italy)

Knight Patrol International DX Group

Lima Delta DX Group

Loud Crowd

MAC International DX Group (Spain)

Maik Uniform Radio Group (Spain)

Maik Uniform Radio Group (Holland)

Midwest Gatekeeper's

New Delta's International DX (Spain)

New Hampshire SSB Club

North Shore CB Radio Club (New Zealand)

Norwich Dragons DX Club

November Bravo

November Delta DX Group

November Foxtrot DX Group (Northern Europe)

November Foxtrot DX Group (Central Europe)

N.W.L.C.B. Packet Radio Users Group

Omega DX Group

Orient Pirate Radio Group

Oscar Sierra Bravo DX Group

Poor Mans Side Band Radio Group

Quebec Charlie 11 meter DX Club

Radio America

Radio Canada DX Group

Radio Friendship

Radio Group DX Charlie Sierra

Radio Tango Kilo

Radio United International

RCI Federation

RF Dot Com Group

Riverside SSB Club

Romeo Bravo DX Group (in Italian)

Romeo Charlie Bravo

Romeo Charlie DX Group

Romeo Foxtrot

Romeo Golf DX Group

Somerset Knights

Sugar Tango International Group

Sandusky CB Club

Seneca Trail CB Club

Sierra Alpha Lima DX Group

Sierra Echo Oscar Club

Sierra Papa International

Sierra Whiskey DX Group

SSB Network  

Texas Freight Train CB Club

Tweed Radio

Victor Charlie DX Group

Victor Echo DX Group

Victor Sierra DX Club

Western Outlaw DX Group

Whiskey Oscar Golf DX Net

Whisky Delta DX Group

World-Wide Radio Group