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Attention Charlie Michael members and all fellow DXers from around the world:
Consider this as you're own personal invitation to subscribe to
CMDX 11 meter forum and Virtual Swap-Shop!

That's right! Now is your chance to get the very latest in
DX info!
Propagation Reports!
Technical Aid!
CM group news!
Get a great deal on some great rigs!
and anything else 11 meter related!

That's right! Not only do you get the chance to get some great deals on previously owned equipment, but you alo get the opertunity to meet many fellow DX'ers around the world, including many of the members of our group! You also get to discuss and study propagation, send and receive local and world-wide dx condition reports! You can get help with radio problem or modification! Or catch up on all the latest CM group news and happenings! You can even check-in to many of our DX nets, even if there is no conditions! Anything radio or CM group related can be discussed here! That simple! All with fellow DX'ers from around the world. And the best part?
It's all free!  

Do you have any questions about a radio or antenna? Maybe a particular problem? Here is your chance to discuss this with hundreds of 11 meter operators from around the world!!

Or maybe you have some surplus radio equipment sitting around collecting dust? Why not turn it into cash? CMDX is a great way to sell your used equipment! Everyone know that if you want to sell something, the best way is to advertise it to the right person. Well in amongst our members could just that right person!

CMDX is also the easiest way to keep up with your friends and fellow dx'ers long after the conditions are long gone! Think about it, when the cycles gone, wouldn't it be great to keep in touch with all those special friends you've made on-the-air?

These are but a few of the infinite uses for our list. Like we said, Anything radio-related may be listed!

Please be sure to read the complete list rules below before aplying for membership!

For aid, please write to the Listmanager

Rules for CMDX:

1. All materials sent must be radio or group related.Simply said!

2. Be polite and considerate. Please remember that this is a World-Wide list!

3. Please send only "text" e-mail. Not all servers accept html-encoded e-mail. There is a filter on to elminate all attachments, including HTML.

4. At no time shall attachments be sent with e-mail. There is a filter on to elminate all attachments. This is for safety reasons.

5. Upon joining and being approved, we ask that you will please send in a short letter of introduction to the list. Just to let the fm's (forum members) meet you and get a chance to receive mail from them!

6. Absolutely No Prafanity! Abusers will be bannished.

7. Use the Subject Line Leave the other fm's know what the letter is about so the may decide if they want to read it or not.

8. Please do not send "Original Letter" back with reply. If you must, please delete the "useless" info. This will help keep fm's mailboxes from becoming full.

9. When applying, please specify either a "Live" or "Digest" membership. Digest aids those fm's who recieve alot of mail, or who do not check their mail daily.

10. No arguments will be tolerated! If you have a problem with a fellow fm, do not let it interfere with CMDX. Abusers also will be bannished!

11. All equipment bought and sold on CMDX is done so "at your own risk." Neither the Group's president, or any other member, including the webmaster of this site, and the CMDX forum manager, can or will be held responible, if such a problem would arise. Pease report any problems to the Forum Manager.

12. When advertising Equipment to sell, please give as much info as possible! Brand name, model, modes, frequencies covered, modifications, and accessories (External speaker, mic, filters, ect...) We also ask for an honest rating of the equipment, from 1 to 10. 10 being "like-new" to 1 being DOA / parts radio. And please don't forget the price!

13. And finally, if you like CMDX, please tell a friend! The more the merrier!

No Spam Welcome!

Ready to join?

Well if you think CMDX is for you, please feel free to drop either of us a line!

List Manager: Tony / 9 CM 241

List Moderator: Peter / 9 CM 650

List Moderator: Bill / 2 CM 2883

Or join via yahooGroups,

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"Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!" 73 and God Bless!