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Usenet Newsgroups

On-line Newsgroups for CB radio, Ham radio, Scanner listening, and more...
CB Radio discussion area.
Antennas: theory, techniques, and construction.
Digital radio modes.
Packet radio.
Amateur radio equipment.
Amateur radio equipment construction and experimentation.
Amateur radio: happenings, news, contests, events, rules and changes, etc.
Amateur radio uses, policies & regulations.
Amateur radio transmissions in space.
Broadcast radio(Moderated).
Informational postings on radio(Moderated).
Non-commercial radio postings.
"Utility" stations, life above 30 MHz.
Scanner listening, United Kingdom.

Scanner listening in the Philadelphia, PA, USA area.
Shortwave Listening.
Buy and sell used radio equipment.
Pirate radio and television broadcasting.
Antique radio & phono postings.