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CM Group News

This page contains all the latest news, happenings, and other info on one of the fastest growing DX Group in the world, The Charlie Michael DX Group! Please check back often as this page is updated frequently!

Need any more information drop me a email!

Looking to join a 11 meter sideband group? We are looking for members to join from Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia . With the Dx running we have members World-wide and are looking for more members in our neighbooring provinces. Members can be heard on LS 27.53.50, LS 27.54.50 LS 27.38.50

The Charlie Michael Group has a mailing list CMDX click here for information

Sideband operators we have 3 web sites on the Charlie Michael Group please do stop by and have a look at them. Friends have been made world-wide by joining our group Please sign our guest book. 73's 9 Charlie Michael 241 Tony

CMDX, the Charlie Michael Forum

We, as a group, are pleased to announce that we now have an Official Internet-Based Mailing List, or Forum, called CMDX. It is however, an open forum! This means that you do not have to be a CM to join! This is perhaps, the easiest , and the fastest way to recieve all the latest info on the group. It is also used for Propagation reports, dx conditions, qsl info, technical advise, general chit-chat, and so much more!

What's gonna happen when the cycles over, and the conditions are long gone?
Keep in touch with your friends via CMDX!!

More Info?? Click here!

Charlie Michael Group Camp out 2001

July 20,21 and 22nd of 2001 Camp-out pictures hit back to return to this site

73's 9 Charlie Michael 1804 Darryl

9 Charlie Michael 1401 Gary

9 Charlie Michael 241 Tony