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This page is the Main Index for this site!
Below you will find a complete listing of all the various pages on this site, along with a brief explanation of each! So if you've been here before and you know where you're going, feel free click away to the left!

11 meter Web Rings
This is how you get back to the "start" page, including the webrings!

The Charlie Michael DX Group
All about the International SSB group, including how to join!

CMDX, The Charlie Michael Forum
The Official CM Forum, it's the fastest way to recieve up-to-the-minute reports and news, from other 11 meter Operators!
You do not have to be a CM member to join our list!

Charlie Michael DX NetSchedule
All present CM DX Net Checks, World-Wide!

The Charlie Michael Newsletter
Want to know what's going on? All the latest news and happenings with the group can be found here!

Group Memorabiia
CM group offers on goods, including shirts, hats, coats, rosters, ect...Member's Only!!

What is "Freeband" Radio??
A short explanation of the term "Free-Band" Radio!

Legitimate Users of the "Free-Band"
Ever wonder who these frequencies are actually assigned to? Well here they are!

"Free-Band" Monitoring Directory
A list of known Call Frequencies and Group Call "Channels".
Stop by and see if your group our club channel is listed!

Tips on QSLing
New to the hobby? Or just want to know a little about QSLing? Well then this is the place for you!

Current International Division list
A current, up-to-date Division Pre-Fix List!

Complete IOTA List
A complete and up-to-date IOTA List, in Text form for easy copying!

11 meter "Q" codes
The most commonly used Q Codes and their definitions for 11 meter SSB!

The Phonetic Alphabet
The Internationally-used and accepted phonetic alphabet!

UTC Time Conversion
UTC to Standard Time Conversion chart for North America

UTC Time Conversion (DST)
UTC to Daylight Savings Time Conversion chart for North America

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